Diamond Selling Guide Vol. 1

When it comes to selling your unwanted jewellery, chances are it will contain some diamonds. Knowing what they are and how much they are worth will help you to assess any potential valuations.

In most cases selling a diamond can bring about some surprises. The resale value of a diamond is based upon the current market rate for that particular size and quality diamond. All initial costs - such as workmanship, shop profit and taxes - are not taken into account. Your valuation will be based upon just the diamond itself.

We have prepared a list of the things the experts look at when valuing your diamond.


The first and most important thing which the expert will assess is the size. The carat is a unit of measurement for the weight of diamonds and gemstones. As the weight increases a proportional price increase is seen however once a diamond passes the 1ct mark a significant price increase is witnessed. This price increase and the general price of diamonds is the same throughout the world and is based on global demand and supply.


The cut of a diamond is made up of a number of factors and has a big impact on price. The first major factor is its shape. The round brilliant is the most expensive out of all the shapes due to its unrivalled demand. The fancy shapes, princess cushion emerald amongst others although popular require less wastage in the diamond cutting process making them cheaper to produce. This is one of the reason the price in comparison to the round brilliant is less.

The fancy shapes in comparison to one another fluctuate depending on market trends. The oval shape in recent years has grown in demand especially for the larger sizes. Making it more expensive. On the other hand, the princess cut has reduced a little in demand and has become relatively cheaper. Changes in market trends such as this will affect the value of your diamond. Which is why when you sell a diamond is so important.

Another important factor is the quality of the cut. Diamonds are cherished for their sparkle, the better the cut the more it will sparkle, allowing it to command a greater price. In modern times most diamonds are cut with sophisticated machinery making the cut of modern diamonds consistently better.

However older diamonds, the cut varies substantially and has a strong impact on price. Pre- 1920 diamonds were cut with hand under candle light and contained less facets. These diamonds are known as old cut. They have a strong presence amongst the antique enthusiasts however in general they are worth less than an equivalent modern cut diamond. There are also rose cut diamonds and petal shaped diamonds however the most expensive is the round brilliant because of its consistent sparkle.

Another factor under the cut scale that will affect the value is the polish of the diamond and its symmetry. This can only be distinguished by a specialist expert under magnification and the better the diamond is symmetrical and the cleaner it's polish the higher it will be valued.

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