How to Know the Real Worth of Vintage Jewellery?

When you put the board “For-Sale” you will be loaded with buyers for the merchandise. But selling antique jewellery is not something as simple as putting up a fridge or a table for sale on any online website. You need to do your homework well so that you fetch the right price for what you proudly possess. Hence, go through the following tips while finding the worth of vintage costume jewellery:

  • Identification: Now you might think that the jewellery you have is antique, but on the contrary, it might not be. So identification of the jewellery in question is important. Try to remember the place where you bought Vintage Jewellery from. If you picked it up from an antique shop or an estate sale, then chances are high that it will be vintage costume jewellery. But if you bought it from a fancy store in the market, the chances of the jewellery falling in the category of vintage costume jewellery are thin. Once you have identified the place, look at the style because there have been different styles in different eras and each style has had its classic jewellery. Vintage jewellery will be at least 20 years old. So if the piece in hand fits into the time frame, you know the style and how much it should be worth in the present days.
  • Examination: Examining vintage jewellery before finding an antique jewellery buyer is important so that you have an idea about its value. Considering the material used, examining the craftsmanship, checking the clasps, looking for any trace of the designer, tracking down the paperwork of the vintage jewellery etc are some of the key points you need to examine closely so that you are in a position to negotiate the price.
  • Research: Even though you have examined the jewellery closely, it is recommended to visit different online stores and check the time period associated with the vintage jewellery you have. The reason is the older is the jewellery the more valuable it is. You can also check the online prices of vintage jewellery of similar make and design or you can browse through the photos available on the web which look more or less similar and can serve as a benchmark before you quote any figure.
  • Find an Ideal Antique Jewellery Buyer: Not everyone out there in the market will be in a position to appreciate what you own. Find out someone who truly admires your cherished possession and is ready to pay you the right price for it. After a thorough background check of the antique jewellery buyer, you should lock the deal and part with the jewellery.

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