How To Make Money by Selling Old Jewellery?

Old gives way to new and when you see everything new around, old starts pinching your eyes. This is a general rule that has governed the very being of civilizations and every aspect of our lives revolves around change.

Is it Worth Selling Old Gold Jewellery?

Be it clothes, accessories or jewellery, anything that has remained unused for a long time is a burden and when you think about jewellery, there might be some diamond rings or earrings or bangles that you no longer want to wear. If you have such Diamond Jewellery that no longer looks attractive, sell it.

Before you finalize the deal, keep the following points in mind:

Find the Worth of the Diamond:

Purchase value, appraisal value and resale value of the diamonds needs to be considered to find the actual worth of the diamonds. The reason is that when you have to buy diamond jewellery, the value is different and when you have to sell used diamond jewellery, the figures are astonishing. The purchase value of the diamonds depends on from where and from whom you are buying the diamonds. If you choose to buy from a fancy boutique retail shop in a posh market, be ready to pay the premium and if you buy from the wholesaler, purchase value will be less. Next is the appraisal value which means that the industry professionals will appraise your used jewellery depending on its condition, setting, wear and tear etc. Once they have appraised your diamond jewellery, you will have an estimate about the resale value which is anywhere between 25-50% of the original value.

Buying and Selling Platform:

When you have to buy diamond jewellery the market might seem to be as big as the universe. But when it comes to selling, things are a little more complicated. To ease the process, you should look for a buyer who is ready to buy used diamond jewellery. By doing this, you can forego the hassles that might mushroom when you walk into a store and the jeweller gives you figures that are not even worth considering. The same holds while exchange because so much gets lost in the deal that you are left with peanuts after the closure. Thus, after getting the diamond jewellery appraised, sell it to a direct buyer to make the most of the transaction.

If you want to sell used diamond jewellery, you need to figure out the worth of the diamonds before you set any cap. One thing you need to understand is that the premium you had paid while buying will not be returned when you sell.

Talk to our experts for any further assistance on getting maximum value for your old diamond jewellery.