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Our History

We started Expert Jewellery Buyers in London’s diamond district, where we specialised in valuing and buying various pieces of jewellery directly from the public. With a prime location, we were privileged to work with a wide variety of jewellery, ranging from watches all the way through to antiques. This geographical positioning coupled with our large network of respected industry contacts allowed us to consistently offer our clients unmatchable prices.

As we grew, we recognised that our customers often spoke about old jewellery they had that they could no longer wear – generally due to deterioration of the item/s – and could not sell due to the attached sentimental value.

This is what lead us to develop a dedicated repair service for old jewellery that over time had worn away, broken or no longer fit. After some time and with the development of computer technology, we developed another more sophisticated way of combating the problem of old jewellery that was impossible to wear and impossible to let go of. With the help of computer-assisted 3D designs, we were able to create revolutionary methods that now allow us to take parts from your old jewellery and transform them into new, bespoke modern pieces.

This innovation provided a way of utilising neglected old jewellery and turning it into something practical and beautiful without losing the sentimental value, allowing us to become a leading company in jewellery recycling.

Developing our operations into an online website allowed us to offer the same service we did in store but with added customer convenience. Customers with a busy schedule, or those that require the expertise of a specialist, can now access all of our services from the comfort of their homes. Transforming old jewellery was never easier!