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Transform your Old Jewellery into something New and Modern

We all have old jewellery that is too sentimental to sell yet too unfashionable to wear. Our bespoke service allows you to take the best and most sentimental parts of your old jewellery and use them to craft an entirely new piece — one which you can feel proud to wear every day.

Our team of jewellery experts are on hand to guide you through the process of having your old jewellery turned into something truly special. Their years of knowledge and experience will help you find a design which perfectly suits you. Simply fill out our enquiry form below and one of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

We take sections from your old jewellery pieces and combine them into one new piece using old stones and metal to create a piece of jewellery you'll love to wear, and that retains that important sentimental meaning. We are happy to consult with you on the options that stay within your budget.

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Once a design is agreed expert we will begin the process of recreating your old jewellery and keep you informed at every step


Once the final design has been agreed send your old jewellery to us in a full insured postal packet to have it recreated into your chosen design


Once completed an expert will return it back to you


After completion your new piece of jewellery will be sent back to you via post

Create Something New, Bespoke & Completely Modern Out of Your Old Jewellery in the UK

With the rise in popularity of online shopping, shoppers now have a wide range of options to choose from. Even with thousands of alternatives, finding the exact piece of jewellery to set your soul flame can be difficult.

Diverse situations inspire different ideas in different people, which is where the search for the perfect piece of jewellery begins! Expert Jewellery Buyers in UK is the best place to jewellery recreation.

If you think about it, your jewellery box has a collection of pieces that were once all you desired. Jewellery is always valuable, whether it is damaged or in good shape. Only a true jewellery connoisseur can comprehend the agony of watching jewellery lie around and deteriorate.

It is not uncommon for jewellery to be destroyed as well. Many people are led to assume that their jewellery is no longer fit for use as a result of these incidents.

Every time you want to buy a new piece of jewellery, how lovely would it be if you could have a custom design manufactured for you while searching for where to jewellery redesign without having to spend money on new precious metals and gemstones?

Doesn't it sound like a good time? The emerging trend is to recycle, repurpose, and reuse vintage jewellery.

What You Can Do with Your Old Jewellery at Its Best?

When you look for how to jewellery remodelling, you can either utilise your old jewellery or go to an antique shop and buy old, broken jewellery. The concept is to make the best of vintage jewellery and blend it with new ingenuity to create the ideal design. Here are two of the most well-known strategies for repurposing outdated jewellery:

Restorative & Reparative Work

If your ring has too many scratches and is starting to appear old, or if your three stone ring is now down to two stones, or if your necklace chain is damaged, or if your solitaire ring is missing a prong, you don't have to let it sit in your jewellery box and make you sad every time you see it.

All you need is a jewellery repair service! You can also have your jewellery recreation and it will seem brand new again!


So you lost an earring the last time you went out and are now down to one. The design of the earring has captivated your heart, and it now sits alone on your dressing table. This is where reusing jewellery comes in.

How about making a nice necklace through jewellery redesign out of that earring? Jewellery repurposing entails wearing jewellery in a new way and reusing old jewellery that only requires minor adjustments.

Why Should You Reuse Old Jewellery?

Concerns About the Environment

Rubbish is garbage, regardless of how little or how much of it there is. Landfills are another huge issue, and while it may seem insignificant to you, each piece of jewellery you recycle contributes to the planet's rubbish reduction.

You've Made Significant Financial Savings

You may add the latest designed jewellery to your collection without spending a fortune by repurposing outdated jewellery. You might locate bits of vintage jewellery that you can utilise if you dig through your jewellery collection or a family heirloom. Even though they appear jaded, jewellery retains its attraction because jewellery is jewellery!

Jewellery retains its attractiveness even after it has been worn for a long time, which is why old jewellery is the greatest for jewellery recreation!

Wear A Classic, Vintage Look with A Modern Twist

The current era is returning to historical designs for jewellery recreation. If you look closely at red carpet looks these days, you'll notice that celebrities are wearing vintage jewellery with a modern twist. The best personalised engagement rings, in fact, are those that have a little family history.

Vintage designs have their own elegance and grace. Even if you come across a statement piece of jewellery, it is unquestionably more elegant than contemporary styles. It is for this reason that the globe is once again bending towards traditional designs and forms.

We've all had old jewellery that's too emotional to part with yet too out-of-style to wear. With our bespoke service, you may employ the best and most sentimental elements of your old jewellery to create an entirely new item that you'll be happy to wear every day.

Our team of jewellery specialists in the UK will walk you through the process of transforming your old jewellery into something absolutely unique. Their years of experience and understanding will assist you in finding a design that is ideal for you. Simply complete the form for jewellery remodelling, and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and claim for a free evaluation and appraisals right now!