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Is sending my items to you safe?

All items sent to our office are insured to cover the full value of your items. Upon receipt we will notify you and send our valuation to you on the same day. If you are happy with our offer, we will transfer the full amount to you within 24 hours. If you choose to decline our offer, we will happily return your items using fully-insured next-day delivery.

Alternatively, if you live in London you can call out one of our experts to your home to value your items. The cost of this service is £55 and is recommended for high value items.

What type of payment methods do you offer?

When you send an item to us we will send payment via bank transfer to your preferred account within 24 hours.
If you use our call out service, we can offer you direct on-the-spot payment.

Am I able to visit your office for a valuation?

Our office is currently for admin work only. However, we are in the early stages of expanding it into a buying centre allowing customers to come into our London office for direct appraisals and payment.

What if I am not happy with a repair?

All our repair jobs are carried out to the highest standard using the best experts in the field. Before returning, all orders are thoroughly checked for discrepancies. In the event that you are not 100% satisfied with your repair, we will be happy to work with you to reach a satisfactory solution.

How do you guarantee what we give you is what we will get back?

Everything sent to us by our customers is fully documented upon arrival and photographed. A full report of this information is sent along with a valuation once the jewellery is processed. If you choose to have your item returned using this information you can verify the jewellery at any local jewellers.