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If you require resizing but are unsure what finger size would fit you best, order our free finger-size measurer with your enquiry packet and use it to accurately measure your finger. Then send your ring in the secure, fully-insured packet for it to be resized and returned to you within 3-4 working days.

Our dedicated jewellery repair service has been specifically designed for those who require a repair but don't have the time to go to a jewellery shop. Our services include — but are not limited to — rhodium plating, resizing and stone replacement; all of which you can access from the comfort of your home.

Once an enquiry form has been submitted, one of our experts will review your request and provide you with an estimate. If you then choose to go ahead with the repair service, a fully-insured postal packet will be sent to you. Place your jewellery securely inside and return the packet to our head office address. After receiving your jewellery, we will notify you that it has been received, and, when the repair work is complete, we will return it back to your address in a fully-insured postal packet.

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Different Types of Repair Services Provided by the Expert Jewellery Buyers

At Expert Jewellery Buyers, we repair a lot of jewellery; in fact, it comes first when you look for where to repair my jewellery. Over the years, we've seen tens of thousands of items and learnt a few things along the way.

Sizing a Ring:

Ring sizing is by far the most common repair at our jewellery repair shop. This is something we do all day. The procedure entails determining what size finger you have and customising the ring to fit that size perfectly. When necessary, we in the UK produce these in half and quarter sizes to ensure that your tiny beauty stays put on your finger through jewellery resizing.

What to Be Aware Of:

Remember to take your rings off every now and then to protect yourself and your fingers safely. We prefer nightly, but other individuals can't stand having their lights turned off so much.

If you need resizing but aren't sure what finger size would be best for you, get our free finger-size measurer with your inquiry packet and use it to measure your finger precisely. Then send your ring in the safe, fully insured package to be resized and returned to you in 3-4 business days.

If you're having trouble removing your ring from your finger, we don't recommend licking it or your finger - think about the bacteria! Simply spritz your ring and finger for a quick and convenient solution or take it to jewellery repair services. It'll be used as a lubricant. Work the ring back and forth after it has been sprayed to determine if it can be freed.

Repairing the Prongs:

Jewellery designers frequently use prongs in UK to hold gemstones in place in order to show them off in the greatest possible light. The metal that holds the gemstone in place thins out or cracks with time. We call this prong re-tipping when we fix it where you get same day and fast fix repair services.

The prongs act as a collection of small fingers, gripping and cradling the diamond. To replicate this, take a little ball and hold it in your hand just with your fingers, rather than your palm. In this example, the prongs are your fingertips.

What to Be Aware Of:

Prongs wear out and "flatten" with time. To express this, we often use the non-technical term "pancake prongs." When this happens, the rounded top of the prong has worn down and is now flat. If the prong is struck or wears away completely, your stone could fall out. For a short while, you can get away with riding out a flat prong, but it will eventually catch up with you. Keep an eye out for it, especially on older pieces or items that you wear on a daily basis.

Repairing a Broken Shank:

You wouldn't believe that, yet we do jewellery evaluation in the UK rather frequently. When you think of gold, platinum, and other metals, you probably think of how difficult they are to break, which is why we use them in jewellery.

However, your jewellery is subjected to wear and tear. Stress and wear, as well as some pressure, can lead to a fracture over time. The fracture will almost always occur towards the bottom of the shank.

What to Be Aware Of:

The first is to refrain from exercising while wearing your jewellery. Because the ring is much thinner than a dumbbell or weight bar, pressing weight from a metal object such as a dumbbell against the metal of your ring has a strong risk of breaking it.

A fracture can be caused by gripping and exerting a lot of pressure on a ring. Isn't it true that you're a lot more powerful than you realised? It may seem counterintuitive that your grasp can exert enough force to accomplish this, but it can in specific circumstances.

Our dedicated jewellery repair service is the best place for jewellery repairs and was created for those who require repairs but do not have the time to visit a jewellery store. Our services include:

  • • Rhodium Plating
  • • jewellery Resizing
  • • Jewellery Cleaning
  • Stone Replacement

All of which may be done from the convenience of your own home.

After submitting an inquiry form, one of our professionals will analyse your request and give you a quote. If you decide to proceed with the jewellery repairs procedure, you will receive a fully insured postal packet. Place your jewellery safely inside the envelope and mail it to our headquarters in the UK.

We as gold jewellery buyers will tell you once we have received your jewellery, and once the repair work is completed, we will return it to your address in a fully insured postal packet.

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