Terms and Conditions

Expert Jewellery Buyers Terms and Conditions:

These terms and conditions including the Privacy Policy which is incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein shall be legally binding on all customers who access https://www.expertjewellerybuyers.co.uk/ or otherwise engage in a “Transaction” with Expert Jewellery Buyers as that term is defined below and shall inure to the benefit of Expert Jewellery Buyers (“Company”) and Company’s successors and assigns and supersede and replace any inconsistent statement in any of our materials, advertisements or websites.

You agree to the following terms and conditions by deciding to use the services provided by Company, including making sales to or trades with Expert Jewellery Buyers. All orders, purchases, transactions, and trades done by phone, through Our Website, or otherwise are subject to these terms.

You must read and agree to all of the terms and conditions in this Agreement before you may sell through an online transaction. If the conditions of this Agreement are unsatisfactory to you after placing an order to sell with Expert Jewellery Buyers over the phone, please use the return privilege mentioned in this Agreement.

SITE Content:

The SITE and all content and other materials, including, without limitation, the expertjewellerybuyers.co.uk logo, and all text, designs, pictures, graphics, coordination, selection, data, information, software, sound files, other files, and the selection and arrangement thereof (collectively, the “SITE Materials”) are the proprietary property of Expert Jewellery Buyers or its vendors or its/their licensors and are protected by copyright, patent and trademark laws, unfair competition laws and various other intellectual property rights.

Expert Jewellery Buyers owns all information supplied on the SITE, including prices, product descriptions, and availability, and it may not be shared with Company's rivals.

Exchanges & Returns:

Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, all sales are final and no refunds are given.

Buyers will have 24 hours from the time they receive the product to email expertjewellerybuyers.co.uk and seek a return. The merchandise must be returned to the Expert Jewellery Buyers within three business days if it is returned.

If a dispute arises over a laboratory's grading of a diamond, the diamond can be sent to the GIA with all original grading information and a request for a re-check of the grading. If the re-check reveals a difference of more than one colour or clarity grade, the customer will definitely receive a refund.