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Where to Sell Your Old Diamond Necklace Pendants to get the Instant Cash by Trusted Jewellery Buyers
How To Sell my Used Pendants?

Are the old pendants or necklaces lying in the drawer resulting in frustration? If so, then better get rid of it before you lose your cool and sell it at throwaway prices. A stitch in time saves none and the moment the diamond necklace or the diamond pendant looks unappealing, part with it and add something new to your collection. While this may sound as simple as it is written, the task ahead is bouncy. The reason is simple, what you are selling is precious and there might be buyers who want to take advantage of your situation. So finding someone who can help you fetch a gripping deal is crucial.

We are a team of professionals who have expertise in appraising diamond necklaces, gold necklaces, gold pendants, platinum necklaces, etc and we ensure that give competitive rates to our clients to their satisfaction.

What are the Tips While Selling a Diamond Necklace or Gold Necklace?

Having a necklace and wearing it is one thing. But when you make up your mind to sell it, you need to keep the following points in mind so that you get a striking deal on the precious jewellery you are selling:

  • • Conviction is the only solution to all your questions. Being in two minds will always land you in a no man’s land. Instead, take a stand for once and for all. Once you have decided that you have to sell your diamond pendant, then under no circumstances should you revisit your decision.
  • • Then creeps in the step where you have to find the right buyer for the diamond necklace, platinum necklace or gold necklace you have. You can either choose an online buyer or you can visit jewellery or a pawn store where you can get in touch with the jewellers who might be ready to take old pendants or they might help you get in touch with people who can be potential buyers of your old pendants.
  • • You know you have to sell and you have found the buyer too, then what in the world is stopping you from making the move? Don’t hesitate and seek our advice wherever required and we will assist you in appraising the jewellery and if need be we will buy the jewellery if you think that the price we offer is competitive. We believe in a transparent mechanism of working and thus our business model revolves around customer satisfaction so that our clients don’t’ feel duped at any given time.
Will I Find Buyers for My Diamond Necklace, A Gold Necklace or Platinum Necklace?

This question too might end up confusing sellers. Though they might be interested in selling the diamond pendant/ necklace, gold necklace/pendant or platinum necklace/pendant, the thought of whether the design of the necklace is upmarket or not can give them sleepless nights. Thus, we have come up with a list of saleability factors that will help you in deciding whether the jewellery in question will give you a good price or not:

Style: Anything new and fashionable will attract a good deal in the market. Something that is old fashioned and redundant will hardly fetch you any pounds. The intrinsic value of the parts will fetch your money but if you are playing on the old styles, then better change your thoughts lest you should feel the pinch later.

Condition: If your necklace is in good condition and is well-kept, you are bound to make good money by selling the same. On the contrary, a pendant that has turned black because of your negligence will not fetch you a fair price in the market.

Gemstones and diamonds: Good quality diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds will give you good money when you sell them. We will provide you with consultation services where we will tell you exactly how many stones are there in the pendant and what is the quality of the stones so that a rough estimate can be made there and then.

Exclusivity: Any diamond pendant or gold pendant which is one of its kinds is sure to be an attention grabber and the same holds when you have to sell it There will be many takers of any rich and classic piece of jewellery and if you bring anything like this to us, we will ensure that you get a premium that you deserve for parting with anything as rich as mentioned.

Talk to us when you have to sell old pendants. We will evaluate the jewellery and give you a fair price in the deal.

Get free valuation and appraisals by scheduling an appointment with our experts.